Building and Janitorial

In today’s highly competitive business climate, your time and money are major investments. Securing quality janitorial service for a reasonable fee is a challenge. Simplify your task and reduce the frustration.

Innovation Cleaning Solutions is knowledgeable, experienced, competent, and guarantees that we will do our best to keep your building clean and looking professional for you and your business.

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Restaurant Cleaning

A clean restaurant and customer loyalty go together like peas and carrots. Your restroom tells a big part of the story - most customers believe that a dirty bathroom means you have a dirty kitchen. Messy sink areas and toilet stalls, streaked windows, dried-up bugs, stained floors and dusty surfaces could quickly end up as pictures on your next online customer review. When choosing a restaurant cleaning service, make sure to select a partner who is specially trained to effectively clean your facility.

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Commercial Floor and Carpets

A successful business starts from the ground up. Is your location open to the public? Potential customers will judge your business by the appearance of your floors.

If the floors of your business are dirty and in disarray, the reputation of your business will likely suffer. Customers and visitors will form a negative impression of your services from their very first step.

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